To inspire consumers to adopt a healthy lifestyle based on a balance between good nutrition and physical exercise.


Good nutrition means a varied, healthy and balanced diet that goes far beyond the simple act of eating. Because we are social animals who not only have nutritional requirements, but also see food as one of our life habits and eating as a social act.

Enjoying food with all five senses. Sitting around a table with friends to share delicious food. Travelling the world through flavours. Taking a trip down memory lane with a selection of classic recipes. Food is all this and much more.

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Regular exercise is the road that leads to an active, healthy lifestyle. This ‘state of complete physical, mental and social well-being’, as defined by the World Health Organisation, is the best gift for a full and happy life.


It’s said that we are what we eat, but we are also a compendium of our values, passions and habits… a true reflection of a way of life.

For us, this way of life finds its maximum expression in athletics, in running, and it has been in our DNA for over 30 years.

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