Cárnicas Serrano is a food company specialising in meat products. Its mission is to encourage consumers to incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle based on a balance between a good diet and physical exercise.

We are a family business with 100% Valencian capital that has grown non-stop since its creation 60 years ago.

Our progress has been possible thanks to our firm commitment to innovation and market diversification; the Serrano brand is currently present in the leading national and international distribution chains.


Innovation has always formed part of the business DNA of Cárnicas Serrano as one of the companies in the food sector that has put new energy into the category of meat products and its work has been recognised both in and beyond our borders.

The main aim of its innovation policy is consumer satisfaction and it responds to the main trends of the market: pleasure (products that let consumers enjoy new, surprising flavours); convenience (products that are easy and quick to prepare); and health (products that contribute to a more balanced diet).


Along with innovation, internationalisation is one of the company’s main pillars; Serrano is already a reference brand in the main European distribution chains, including Makro, Intermarché, Leclerc, Auchan and Norges Gruppen.

Besides its products, the company also exports to these countries the concepts of craftsmanship, tradition, originality and authenticity.

Internacionalización familia Serrano
Club Atletismo Serrano


Cárnicas Serrano reaches beyond being just a business and seeks to make a positive impact on society and contribute as much as possible to a better world. Two lines of action mark our purpose: solidarity, by donating food through the food bank, and the promotion of the values of sport, especially running and athletics.